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    Our attorneys have practical business experience to help you build a solid business foundation, meant to withstand legal and compliance challenges. When we help you systematize and automate your business, it doesn’t keep you up at night… and you build the life and income of your dreams.

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  • Your Trusted Legal Advisors

    The entrepreneurial life can take us by surprise in many ways, especially when you face an unexpected legal pitfall. As entrepreneurs advising other entrepreneurs, we can help you plan ahead so you don’t get into ‘legal trouble’ or take the right reactive steps if something happens, with a comprehensive plan. We’re your partner every step of the way to a wildly successful company.

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  • Legal Experts in Louisiana's Key Industries

    We work with growing businesses in hospitality, real estate development, construction, financing, technology, healthcare, biofuels and petrochemical, and sports and entertainment.

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Our top-level goal is to make sure our clients don't fall into devastating (and costly) legal mistakes. That's why we set up a solid legal foundation for your business.

We're also here to advocate for you in the middle of a legal crisis.

Business Law Group proudly represents Louisiana entrepreneurs. We intimately understand our clients because we're entrepreneurs ourselvesbonded together by our common experience of building and designing the business and life of our dreams for ourselves and our families. We dream big here at Business Law Group, and our legacy is to help others do the same.

While we can resolve complex legal disputes and other issues skillfully, our bigger and better gift is providing our clients, from startups to scale-ups, with a solid legal foundationpreventing future legal issues and giving them peace of mind. We help entrepreneurs turn into savvy business owners who become proficient in spotting issues in their companies that could turn into big legal problems. Bottom line: We help our clients do the things successful businesses do right.

When you choose Business Law Group, you'll experience a type of business advisory you won't experience at another law firm. You're guided by attorneys who are entrepreneurs themselves and understand the business lifecycle and landscape, so you get spot-on guidance to build a strong foundation for your company, avoid big mistakes later on and identify future opportunities.  



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Our attorneys provide high-quality, creative legal solutions for Louisiana's entrepreneurs. We serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of our clients' business development, from startup through the growth phase, and beyond.

Business Law Group is a boutique business services law firm in New Orleans. We understand the legal pitfalls of your business and industry. We work selectively with clients who aren't ready for the overhead expense of an in-house general counsel, but know the advantages of having a trusted legal advisor on their team. We give our clients the secrets and tactics to maximize your legal leverage at every opportunity and in every negotiation.

Together with our clients, Business Law Group is part of something bigger—we bring vitality and hope to Louisiana. 


How do you inspire clients to take educated risks as an entrepreneur, if you've never taken an educated risk as an entrepreneur yourself? That's why, after becoming entrepreneurs and learning the business lifecycle ourselves, we're confident we can offer authentic, invaluable, growth-oriented and real-world insights to our clients. Working with so many companies has given us a backstage pass to the proprietary knowledge that makes the big-player companies tick.

We'll help you:

  • Build a solid business foundation, meant to withstand legal challenges

  • Fine-tune your business processes to ensure that your procedures and policies are in compliance

  • Systematize and automate your business, so it doesn't keep you up at night

  • Predict and prevent legal issues before they arise

  • Find consistent expert strategies, since we act as your legal business coach

  • Resolve disputes or other legal crises

  • Experience increased financial success, greater professional enjoyment and reduced stress.  

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  • Very Dedicated and Always Available

    "I was referred to Amanda by a friend that is also a lawyer. At the time, I was having trouble collecting payments from a client. When my friend recommended Amanda, I trusted her judgement.    Amanda explained all the legal ways to fight and get back what I was owed. She did an excellent job co... Read On

  • Best Lawyer Ever

    Thank you for all your heart felt words to get me through (this case). All your hard work and dedication studying my case and helping me achieve this victory, not only for me but for all women. Best lawyer ever.  Read On

  • Construction Company

    If you are looking for an attorney that will always keep your best interest at mind, look no further. Amanda has represented my business for 3 years now and I can attest that her knowledge and her professionalism is second to none. Read On

Who We Are


Business Law Group is a boutique business services law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our focus is on understanding the legal pitfalls of your business and industry, as well as the secrets to maximizing your legal leverage at every opportunity and in every negotiation. We work selectively with clients that aren't ready for the overhead expense of an in-house general counsel, but understand the advantages of having a trusted legal advisor on their team. Amanda Butler has been ranked as Louisiana SuperLawyers.

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