Real Estate


Whether you're just starting out as a first-time residential flipper or tax sale purchaser, or you're already a seasoned real estate guru, having a knowledgeable real estate attorney in your corner to advise you on legal matters is a considerable advantage to building a solid real estate portfolio. 

Business Law Group specializes in advising commercial and residential community developers on a wide range of real estate matters including: 

  • Commercial Leasing
  • Financing
  • Title insurance
  • Condominium regimes
  • Historic tax credits
  • New markets tax credits
  • Restoration tax abatements
  • The purchase and sale of commercial and high-end luxury residential property.

How can the Business Law Group help with my real estate matters?
Does your business concept require you to lease or purchase a commercial space to host customers? The Business Law Group team helps clients acquire and/or lease and build out beautiful, unique and creative spaces.

Unfortunately, many of our clients first decided to DIY this stage of their business without obtaining any legal advice (or they got advice from their family member who practices divorce law). The results are usually the same: The client is in a horrible legal position as a result, and we try to get them back on track as best we can. 

Businesses without good legal advisors during their lease negotiation stage are more likely to be seen unsavvy by their landlords and are more likely to be taken advantage of by brokers or contractors. Unfortunately, there are business owners out there who'll sign a lease or construction contract without a legal review.

Our mission is to give clients every tool they need to succeed at this early stage by getting them out of the lease or construction phase and into the stage where they're generating revenue.  Often walking this path together leads us to develop strong relationships with clients, and we continue to help those same business owners after they successfully open, becoming their trusted legal advisors.


The historic tax credit is an incredible tool if you want to finance renovations of commercial property. The historic tax credit provides for a dollar-for-dollar reduction of federal income tax liability, unlike a tax deduction, which lowers how much of your income is taxable.

The Business Law Group has significant experience structuring historic tax credit deals and unwinding them after the holding period to avoid cancellation of debt income and other issues.


Business Law Group founder Amanda Butler Schley, Esq. is a Fidelity approved attorney title producer, and has issued title insurance and closing real estate transactions since 2014. Named one of Fidelity's top 25 producers in 2015, she has taken great satisfaction in being a part of the redevelopment of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.   

Realizing that much of the materials that law firms needed to understand the Louisiana title insurance business wasn't available online, she authored a study guide for other attorneys sitting for the Title Insurance Exam and authored "Basic Abstracting for Louisiana Property", based on her years of experience in the commercial real estate industry.


If you want to combat increasing construction costs and get a new project financed, you can employ a restoration tax abatement (RTA) to offset increased tax costs from a renovation—allowing the RTA savings to add to your project's overall viability and profitability.

The Restoration Tax Abatement (RTA) program in Louisiana provides an up-to ten-year abatement of property taxes (ad valorem) on renovations and improvements of existing commercial structures and owner-occupied residences located within economic development districts, downtown development districts, historic districts and opportunity zones.

Business Law Group founder Amanda Butler Schley, Esq. has served as RTA counsel to BlueGreen Club La Pension Homeowners Association, saving the timeshare owners more than $550,000 in property tax assessments over a five-year period after a substantial $6M renovation. In 2019, she successfully obtained an RTA for RSC Broad St., LLC, which houses the corporate headquarters and commissary of The Ruby Slipper Cafe and Ruby Sunshine Restaurant Group.

Known for her expertise on RTAs, Ms. Schley has presented on RTAs at both the New Orleans Bar Association and the National Business Institute. 


Business Law Group founder Amanda Butler Schley, Esq. has been a licensed realtor with Keller Williams since 2006 in New Orleans, and helps clients take the leap to purchase their own commercial space or building. Most recently, she closed the Second Line Brewing acquisition for a local brewery client. She also specializes in listing luxury homes and commercial properties. 

The Business Law Group legal team regularly drafts commercial purchase agreements between buyers and sellers, take buyers through the due diligence process involved in purchasing a commercial building, and act as the settlement and title attorney for buyers and lenders at closing or during a refinance. 


"I was searching for a lawyer to help remove my name from a house I purchased with my former partner. I chose Amanda because she was the only attorney who reached out to me and actually took the time to listen to my case. Amanda helped provide all the information I needed to know about my situation. She was very clear about everything I needed to know and understand to proceed with my case. She's great and so is the entire team. I would definitely recommend Business Law Group to others in the future."

– Celia Arriaga


Whether you're just starting out as a first-time residential flipper or tax sale purchaser, or you're already a seasoned real estate guru, our Business Law Group attorney team can provide you with the legal advice you need to build a solid real estate portfolio. Schedule your consultation with us today so we can help you build that empire.

Who We Are

Business Law Group is a boutique business services law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our focus is on understanding the legal pitfalls of your business and industry, as well as the secrets to maximizing your legal leverage at every opportunity and in every negotiation. We work selectively with clients that aren't ready for the overhead expense of an in-house general counsel, but understand the advantages of having a trusted legal advisor on their team. Amanda Butler has been ranked as a Louisiana SuperLawyer, New Orleans Top Lawyer, Best Lawyers, and in Leaders of Law.