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The Secret Advantage: Legal Leverage

Posted by Amanda Butler Schley | Jan 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

I have been advising serial entrepreneurs, banks and large corporations on a wide range of business issues for close to a decade. What I have learned in my law practice is that taking a proactive legal approach to your business is the secret sauce to success because it gives your business legal leverage. Let me explain.   

So often I have new clients that come to me in a panic - they are experiencing an unavoidable legal problem. Maybe they have received a huge tax assessment, have become embroiled in a dispute with other partners in their business or perhaps their landlord. Maybe an employee has filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC or has started a competing business. Whatever the issue is - managing the legal crisis and resolving it in the client's best interest is what I do best.

However, what I try to instill in these clients during the crisis is that solid legal advice from the outset would normally have prevented the crisis.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars to fix the crisis in the moment, the client could have averted the disaster with a small investment in legal advice on the front end. Working together regularly, we can position your company for success on every front and at every turn. A solid legal foundation makes your business impervious to outside forces looking to capitalize on your success. This principal is what I call - legal leverage - and it's the secret that banks and large companies use to their advantage everyday.

But legal leverage doesn't require spending a fortune on legal fees - like banks and large corporations do. It simply requires consistency. Meeting with your attorney monthly for as little as an hour is an invaluable tool for gaining legal leverage which is built over time, not overnight. Getting regular legal advice across all aspects of your business is analogous to getting regular checkups with a doctor. You shouldn't wait to go to the doctor until you are having a medical emergency- just like your company shouldn't wait to get legal advice until it is in a crisis. 

Legal leverage is a principle my seasoned entrepreneurs clients understand. The relationship we develop from that mutual understanding is what keeps me committed to demonstrating the principle to new clients that I choose to take on. Working together consistently will bring you the best return on your legal dollars investment.

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