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Lizzo's Legal Defense with Amanda Butler Schley and Megan Kelley

Posted by Amanda Butler Schley | Jun 26, 2024 | 0 Comments

Pop Your Biz with your host, Amanda Butler Schley, Episode 02

In this episode of "Pop Your Biz," Amanda Butler Schley speaks with Megan Kelley, an Associate at Business Law Group about Lizzo's defense strategy in her current legal battle with former members of her dance team. Watch or listen to Amanda's prior episode with details on the lawsuit against Lizzo here:

Megan brings a wealth of knowledge in legal strategies and defense mechanisms, contributing significantly to the discussion on high-profile legal defenses in the entertainment industry.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • A detailed analysis of Lizzo's legal defense strategies and the implications of anti-SLAPP laws in employment cases
  • Insights into the complexities of defending public figures in legal disputes, particularly in the context of employment and defamation laws
  • The potential impacts of media and public perception on legal outcomes in celebrity cases
  • A deep dive into the procedural aspects of filing motions and the strategic considerations behind legal maneuvers
  • An exploration of the emotional and professional toll these legal battles take on public figures, with a particular focus on Lizzo's response to her ongoing legal challenges

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