Remove The Uncertainty Out of Legal Fees

Flat Fee Legal Services

We are proud to offer a number of flat fee unbundled legal services.

The following is a list of standard unbundled legal services offered at flat fees. Ultimately, our engagement agreement will dictate the cost of services you purchase. If your particular legal problem is not on the list below and you suspect a flat fee would be appropriate, please request a quote. 


  • Standard Business Formation Package, $950, including:
    1. Advice on the Selection of Your Business Entity
    2. Drafting and filing your Articles of Incorporation
    3. Drafting a single member Operating Agreement
    4. Obtaining Your Employer Identification Number From the IRS

  • Foreign Qualification of LLC or corporation, allowing an out-of-state business entity to conduct business in Louisiana, $950
  • Multi-member Business Formation (multi-member LLCs with negotiated operating agreements), $3,500, including:
    1. Advice on the selection of your business entity
    2. Drafting and filing your Articles of Incorporation
    3. Drafting a multi-member Operating Agreement, with three rounds of revisions
    4. Obtaining Your Employer Identification Number From the IRS
    5. One hour long consultation to discuss the 5 "D"s: death, disability, divorce, deadlocks and distributions.
  • Nonprofits, $2,500 for initial formation with Bylaws, $350/hour for draft of 1023 IRS Application

  • Filing Statement of Trade name with State and Local government (Doing Business As Name), $250

  • Filing Statement of Correction or Annual Reports, $200

  • Demand Letters or Counter Demand Letters (for debts, employment claims, breach of contract, etc.), $950

  • Purchase Agreements (residential), $800

  • Commercial Lease and Guaranty Agreement (leases under 50 pages), $2,500

  • Commercial Leases with Guaranty Agreement (leases over 50 pages), $3,500

  • Louisiana form of residential lease or comment on a proposed form, $500

  • Materialmen liens, including a demand letter in appropriate form and lien filing, $1,250

  • Employee Handbooks with required Louisiana law provisions, $2,500

  • Form of At-Will Employment Agreements with Valid Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation provisions, $1,250

  • Review, advice and revisions to existing business contracts, $950-$2,500

  • Drafting custom contracts with specific business considerations $1,500-$2,500

  • Loan Package with Note, Loan Agreement, Security Agreement and UCC-1 Filing, $2,500 (mortgages are an additional $800 plus recording costs)

  • Legal Audit & Risk Assessment, $2,500

  • Franchise Disclosure Document review and counsel, $1,500


  • Either word mark or graphic mark, including all filing costs with the USPTO, $2,300


  • Copyright Registration, $500

  • Hourly Copyright Clearing, $350

Estate Planning

  • Drafting of Simple Will without Trust for Married Couple or Single, $1,500

  • Drafting of Living Will with a Trust (for ease of succession) for Married Couple or Single, $4,500

  • Drafting of complex will (Request Quote)

  • Small succession affidavit, $1250
  • Uncontested Successions, $2,500 (upfront) or 5% of the vale of the estate (collected upon transfer of immovable property)

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This seems expensive., and lother online business legal providers charge only a fraction of these prices, why would I go with a local attorney instead of just using the canned forms provided by these online do-it-yourself (DIY) legal providers?

Answer: Working with a local, Louisiana lawyer has a number of premium benefits that you simply won't get if you DIY your way through the legal issues related to forming and operating your business.  Having a local lawyer on your team gives you and your business credibility in the community with your vendors, suppliers, and clients.  It helps in all aspects of negotiations when your counterparty is aware that you are receiving legal counsel and advice.  It decreases the likelihood of others attempting to take advantage of you. When we work with you and your company, we are always on the lookout for legal issues related to your specific business and will alert you of anything we know that would benefit you and your company.  The value of a business attorney is in the personalized advice and counsel that the attorney brings to you and your business.  Customized legal advice will lead to legal leverage.  Canned legal advice and DIY filings do not.  More often than not, they are a legal liability that will be discovered on down the road.

Who We Are

Business Law Group is a boutique business services law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our focus is on understanding the legal pitfalls of your business and industry, as well as the secrets to maximizing your legal leverage at every opportunity and in every negotiation. We work selectively with clients that aren't ready for the overhead expense of an in-house general counsel, but understand the advantages of having a trusted legal advisor on their team. Amanda Butler has been ranked as Louisiana SuperLawyers.